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Tidying up Tea Bags Since 2006

First created in 2006 by Big Brother Stars Dean O’Loughlin and Stuart Hosking who came up with the revolutionary idea of a TeaBagBin. The TeaBagBin was seen on 60 minute makeover and Celebrity Big Brother, as well as mentioned on radio by Chris Moyles. The company has later been succeeded by Stuart’s son and his business partner giving it a new lease of life.

Our Promise to You


High Grade Stainless Steel

This stylish little container is made from high grade steel or plastic and sits happily next to the kettle.


Easy to Clean

Our Teabag Bin can go straight into the dishwasher to clean.


High Capacity

It can hold up to 30 tea bags.


Ideal Gift

Teabag Bin is a must have item for your home, an ideal gift for friends or family and a superb kitchen innovation.


Easy to Compost

Tea Bags are great in the compost & by using the TeaBagBin you can compost them easily

No more drips!

Next time you make a cuppa and take out the teabag think about it: What do you do with yours?